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Planting trees and greening cities worldwide

Who we are

Trees for Cities is the only charity working on an international scale specialising in planting urban trees, providing volunteering opportunities to bring local people together and inspiring children to grow and eat good food.

Since 1993, we have engaged over 70,000 people to plant over 600,000 urban trees in parks, streets, schools and housing estates across the UK, as well as internationally, revitalising these areas and improving the lives of the people that live in them.

Why we do it

8 out of 10 people in the UK now live in cities so there’s a greater need for greener cities than ever before. Trees provide numerous vital services to the environment and society: they make the landscape more attractive; they play a key role in cleaning and cooling our air; they reduce noise and flood risk; and they provide essential habitats for a multitude of species.  And they have a tremendous impact on our mental health and sense of well-being.

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Help us plant a million urban trees by 2020


To date we have planted over 600,000 trees in cities.  We have now set ourselves an ambitious new target to strive to plant 1 million urban trees by 2020.  Help us meet this exciting new milestone…

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  • Inspiring people to plant and love trees in cities worldwide.


  • Both the quantity and quality of the trees we plant are at the forefront of our planning.
  • Although our reach is global, we value the importance of a local focus. We work within local communities to strengthen them and empower their members.


  • To ensure that our work achieves a positive impact on climate change, biodiversity and public health.
  • To create more of our Edible Playgrounds, which get children living in urban areas excited about growing and eating fruit and vegetables.
  • To bring communities together by growing stronger neighbourhoods, enhancing urban landscapes, and improving health and happiness.

  • To continue to grow and expand our projects – both across the UK and internationally.

Planting trees since 1993

“I always say it was a pub conversation that got out of hand.  The co-founders – Jake, Jane, Bin and I – were depressed by the lack of green in grey areas.  We were all partygoers so fundraising for tree planting by partying seemed logical – and it worked.  I’m incredibly proud.”

– Julian Blake, co-founder

Trees for Cities started life in 1993 as Trees for London, when a group of young Londoners recognised the need for more trees in the capital.  Our first projects included planting street trees on Westminster Bridge Road and a large-scale community project with structural landscaping and tree planting on Bemerton Park Estate in Islington.

In 2003, we changed our name to Trees for Cities and began delivering projects outside London, working in partnership with organisations and groups across the UK and internationally.