Benefits of Urban Trees

Tree FAQs

Who can I contact to find out more about protecting a tree or trees in my area?

IMG_8942If you fear that healthy trees are being unnecessarily removed in your local area, it might also be helpful to contact your local Tree Officer to find out the reasons for the removal.

Contact details for your Tree Officer should be obtainable on your local authority’s website, or via their telephone switchboard.

There are also organisations who are on hand to assist in campaigns against the removal of healthy trees, and you may wish to contact them for advice:

The Arboricultural Association
The Arboricultural Association provides advice in relation to tree preservation law and, when necessary, expert evidence to the planning inspectorate:

The Arboricultural Association
Ampfield House
SO51 9PA
Telephone: 01794 368 717
Email: admin@trees.org.uk

The Tree Council
The Tree Council works to improve the environment by promoting the planting and conservation of trees and woods:

The Tree Council
71 Newcomen Street
Telephone: 020 7407 9992
Email: info@treecouncil.org.uk

The Ancient Tree Forum
The Ancient Tree Forum is part of the Woodland Trust, and works to conserve the UK’s ancient trees:

Ancient Tree Forum c/o Woodland Trust
Autumn Park
Dysart Road
NG32 6LL
Telephone: 01476 581 135
Email: ancient-tree-forum@woodland-trust.org.uk

Can Trees for Cities help protect a tree or trees in my area?

Trees for Cities is always saddened to hear of the removal of healthy trees. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity at the moment to get involved in campaigns, but we can signpost you to organisations that can give you advice and support:

General Advice
Advice from the Arboricultural Association

Info on Tree Preservation Orders
Tree Preservation Orders
Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas

Planning and trees
Planning Portal

Tree Risk Management
General Guide to Tree Risk Management

Trees and Safety
Common sense risk management of trees
Registered Consultancy Directory

Can Trees for Cities come and do some planting in my area?

We also receive numerous requests from the public to plant trees in their area, and we treat each proposal individually.

For more information, please email info@treesforcities.org or call 020 7587 1320.

Whom can I contact about maintaining a tree in my garden?

We do not prune or maintain trees outside of our projects, or undertake other tree work, but we do have a reliable freelancer, Robert Threadgold, who may be contacted on 07730 666 396.

Does Trees for Cities ever remove a healthy tree?

Trees for Cities’ environmental policy states that we do not remove healthy trees. We only chop down diseased, decaying or dead trees. A new tree is planted in the place of every tree that we remove.