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£3 a month can help plant 4 trees in an urban outdoor classroom, providing children with space to explore and stimulating all the senses to encourage learning
£5 a month can help children plant 8 fruit trees in their playground, teaching them where food comes from and healthy eating
£15 a month can help put a large canopy tree on our city streets, helping to reduce air pollution
or choose your own amount
£10 will sponsor a tree in a park, housing estate or street
£50 will plant 6 fruit trees in an Edible Playground to excite and teach children about growing and eating healthy food
£150 will plant 13 small trees to help us create an urban woodland for future generations
or choose your own amount

“What’s great about Trees for Cities is that their work is as much about people as it is about trees”

Gabby Logan (TV Presenter)

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