This year we are celebrating our 20th birthday. As part of our celebrations we have teamed up with the City of London Festival to celebrate trees and the value they have in the urban environment.  As part of the festival we are working with Australian artist, Konstantin Dimopoulos to create The Blue Trees environmental installation in the heart of London.  By colouring trees blue, we want people to stop and notice our wonderful urban tree heritage, which is so often taken for granted.  There has been a significant decline of our city trees over the last decade and the threats from climate change, pests and diseases such as Ash dieback, is on the increase.   There are a lot of other exciting tree-related activities that we are also involved in during the festival, including: a Tree Trail - showcasing some of the City’s historic trees and the Mobile Orchard – a sculpture and performance place combined with living trees. 

Although our Tree-athlon is not being held this year, we would love for our Tree-Athletes to come along to the City of London festival, get involved and join us to celebrate 20 years! Please check out all the information here

Interested in running or challenging yourself for Trees for Cities? Check out our Fundraising Events page and all the different activities including spaces in the 2014 London Marathon and Bupa 10,000. If none of these events suit you why not create your own challenge and set your own fundraising targets.


2012 Tree-Athlon

A massive Thank You to everyone who took part 2012 Tree-Athlon event.

It was a fantastic day with over 700 runners and £40k raised so far. We hope that you enjoyed it. Thank you to all those who have helped us to fundraise - the money donated to Tree-Athletes goes directly to tree planting so your support really makes a difference.

The event has so far funded 5300 trees that will be planted this year.

Useful links:

How to care for your sapling

Celebrity supporters and entertainment

Sponsorship and Support

If you want to relive the glory of the Tree-Athlon click here to download our new free virtual run. The hi-tech software detects how fast you're running using your iPhone's inbuilt camera and acceleratometer, and plays a video of the scenic Tree-Athlon route through Battersea Park at your speed. If you run slowly, the video crawls along; start sprinting, and the video races forward. When you complete the 2km run, the app sponsor, thirtrysevendegrees, makes a donation to Trees for Cities.

See above for a flickr slideshow of the day showing all the fun and run activities.

Check out our Media Centre for great coverage we had for this year's event. 

The Tree-Athlon was supported by The Times, Festival Republic and RSA.

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“What’s great about Trees for Cities is that their work is as much about people as it is about trees”

Gabby Logan (TV Presenter)

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