New Green Spaces for Bede Estate

Trees for Cities is working in partnership with EastendHomes to improve the green spaces at Bede Estate. This project is part of Tower Hamlet's Biodiversity Action Plan and we have picked tree and plant species to best support local wildlife and ecology.

Our team spent two days at the estate in early August 2020 talking to residents (from a safe distance in line with government COVID-19 guidelines). We spoke to 44 local residents on the day and 7 people responded to us online. From this feedback our design team created a planting design for the estate. We presented this design to residents in October, flyered all properties overlooking a proposed tree, put up posters and invited residents to feedback. A few changes were made following the consultation response to best suit the community.

Work began in November with Trees for Cities staff building vegetable beds and planting wildflower seeds. We then planted the majority of the large trees around the estate in March and April. Including 13 with local on our community planting day.

Bird Box Building Workshops

We are pleased to be able to offer a small number of bird box making workshops to local residents.

These workshops are most suitable for small family groups and you can take the birdbox home with you to put up in your own outdoor space at the end.

Click below to book a bird box building workshop with one of our team.

A Green Jacket

Our designers used the concept of a 'green jacket' to inform their work. This is the idea that by planting hedges and wildflowers along side the busy Bow Common Lane and Burdett Road the noise and pollution coming in to Bede Estate will be softened and reduced.

Portia Way

We have planned for 10 new standard trees (marked in green) in the courtyards near Portia Way. These will provide shelter and reduce noise and air pollution around the play areas and also strengthen the existing hedge. Along Bow Common Lane we plan to add more hedgerow and seed some of the existing grassy areas (shown in orange) with wildflowers.

Wager Street

The rose beds on Bede Square already look great. We will plant herbs such as sage around them to help to create a self regenerating 'green mulch'. This will provide food for the roses and keep the weeds down.

We are adding twelve trees across two of the courtyard areas, again to provide shelter and wildlife habitat. In the bottom courtyard we are building three new vegetable growing beds for community food growing use.

Alongside Burdett Road to the south of the estate we are strengthening the hedge and sowing wildflower seeds into the existing grass.

Joseph Street and beyond

On the east side of the estate between Joseph Street and the Railway Arches we are planning to sow more wildflower areas, plant two new trees and create a wildlife habitat loggery.