The Big Give Christmas Challenge

This year, Trees for Cities will be taking part in The Big Give, the UK's largest match-funding campaign. This campaign will run from Midday 30th November until Midday 7th December, and during this period, any donation you make will be doubled at no extra cost to you!

This year, our Big Give appeal is about the imminent need to combat the climate crisis in our towns and cities and create and strengthen a social movement for urban trees. Together, we can take direct action and cultivate stronger connectivity between individuals and groups, empowering them to lead the charge for action against the climate crisis from the bottom up.

There is an urgent need for more urban trees and there is still more work to be done - we no longer need to talk, we need to act now and plant trees in towns and cities across the UK and around the world.


is our target for the campaign

As the need for urban trees grows, so do our planting ambitions - and this is why we're looking to run our biggest campaign ever. If we raise £20,000 in total, this will be matched to £40,000, enabling us to plant thousands of trees in towns and cities across the UK and around the world.

Trees benefit everyone by cleaning our air, improving mental health and wellbeing, masking noise, absorbing greenhouse gases, providing shade and protection against the ‘urban heat island effect’, providing a habitat for wildlife, and mitigating flood risk. They are one of our key lines of defense in the fight against the climate crisis, and with more and more people living in cities, we need them to make our urban spaces cleaner, healthier, and greener places to live.

What is The Big Give?

The Big Give is the UK's largest match-funding campaign, and is a chance for you to double your donations to Trees for Cities - this is made possible by our match-funding champions The EQ Foundation, and means that every £1 you give is worth £2 to us between midday 30th November and midday 7th December, at no extra cost to you!

Check out the video below to see how you can make a big difference with the Big Give:

How can I get involved?

This campaign will run from Midday 30th November to Midday 7th December, and by donating through the Big Give platform, your donations will automatically be doubled. Click below to learn more!