Racecourse Estate - Latest Community Updates

This page is for residents and the local community at Racecourse Estate in Northolt, Ealing.

Trees for Cities is a UK charity working on a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities. We are working in partnership with the London Borough of Ealing to plant 15 new trees for your community. Since 2018 we have planted nearly 200 large trees and thousands of bulbs around Racecourse.

Your new trees have been carefully selected by the Trees for Cities team and members of the community, with help from the newly formed Racecourse Greening Group. The locations and species have been chosen to improve green spaces, reduce air pollution and contribute to tree canopy cover across London.

The location and species of the trees are in the design below. Planting is scheduled to take place in early March 2022. We would like you to join us in planting the new trees, so we are arranging a community planting day, the date is to be confirmed. For more information please join our mailing list!

If you have any questions about us, the trees or the design, please get in touch. Our contact details are on the reverse page. To have your say on our future work, join the Greening Group - our next meeting is on 24/02/22 at the Northolt High School.

"Close Park" Proposed Tree Locations
Mandeville Green Proposed Tree Locations
Tree List (Updated 08/02/22)


How big will the trees be?
All the species have been carefully selected by our landscape architects, informed by the wishes of the community. The species we have selected will grow to a suitable size for city street trees (between 4 and 7 meters). The trees are slow-growing and they will take a long time to reach this size. With the medium-sized trees further from the properties reaching 10-15 meters.

Will this affect parking?
Our designers have taken careful consideration in the design process in regards to parking. Our team have selected tree pit locations that should not impede access to houses, gardens or driveways.

How will the trees be maintained?
Trees for Cities is contracted to maintain the trees for three years after planting. This will include pruning, repairs and regular watering in spring and summer. After the first three years, the London Borough of Ealing will assume the responsibility for maintaining the trees.