A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

Need a bit of inspiration? Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas below to help get the cogs whirring on your fundraising!



Why wouldn't you want to climb down the side of a building for money? There are many abseiling events across the country that you can sign up to as a fundraiser - check out what's around your local area



Help out friends and family with the childcare in exchange for a donation to your cause. If you wanted to as well, why not advertise on a community noticeboard?


Cake and Coffee Sale

Put your baking skills to the test and host a small cake and coffee morning locally. You could always ask people to help provide cakes, or buy them if you're not up to baking - no one will know!



Get on your dancing shoes and organise a fundraising disco! If you anted to, you could even make it themed and get people out in their best/worst 80's or 90's gear!


Eco Pledge

Get people to sponsor you for giving up something to be more environmentally friendly, for example, try living without plastic - it's much harder than you'd think!


Fancy Dress at School/Work

Talk to your boss or you child's headmaster and see if you could get everyone to come in fancy dress for a day! Charge one or two pounds to get involved and you could even give out prizes for the best/worst dressed to incentivise people


Garden Party

Host a fancy garden party at home and invite your friends and family to attend for a small fee, or sell food and drinks at the party to guests - it's up to you! Why not branch out into the local neighbourhood as well and use it as a way to get to know your neighbours?


Head Shave

Get the clippers out for your fundraising and come out with a nice, shiny bald head - go on, we dare you!


Indoor Games Night

Invite some people round for a good old-fashioned board games night - winner clears up!


Jewellery Making

Put your creativity to good use and craft some handmade jewellery, then sell it to help with your fundraising. Send us your pics too, we'd love to see your creations!


Karaoke Night

Whether you can sing or not, get together for a night of belting out your favourite tunes. Want to make it interesting? Nominate people to sing songs without their knowledge, sit back, and see/hear the results!



Hold a small lottery with a few prizes and charge people to take part - though make sure you follow the rules rules for lotteries to make sure you don't get into trouble (N.B. - I'm gonna make a small page with lottery rules on it and will link to it from here)


Movie Night

Grab some popcorn, get some of your favourite films, and get a few friends around for a visual feast! Charge friends a small fee for entry, which will go towards your fundraising goal


No Make-Up Day

Get people to sponsor you to go a whole day (or more) without make-up


Office Olympics

If you're allowed organise an afternoon of office olympics and charge people to take part. Get some wacky games together and a prizes for winners to get them on board


Pancake Race

Who cares if it's pancake day? Pancake races are always great fun! Get people either in teams or on their own to run a short course and flip a pancake in the middle of it - make sure not to drop it!


Quiz Night

Gather your friends and family around and host a quiz night. Charge a couple of pounds for entry and see which of them is the smartest! If you can, why not book out a pub, or piggyback onto an existing pub quiz event?


Restaurant Night

Treat people to a nice dining experience for a small fee for your fundraising. get in touch with local restaurants and see if you can strike a large group deal with them to keep your costs down.


Shopping Packer

Get people to sponsor you to help pack shopping bags at your local shop or supermarket. The community benefits too, so it really is win-win!


Treasure Hunt

Set up a treasure hunt around your area for people to solve - you can make it as quirky and as interesting as you'd like! Charge a participation fee and use that towards your fundraising goal.


Unwanted Present Sale

Disappointing birthday? Have gifts that you'll never use? Why not sell them and donate the proceeds? Just make sure the person who bought you the gifts doesn't know!


Variety Night

Organise a variety night either at home or in a local space, and encourage people to show off their talents! Charge an entry fee for punters and use the profits to help your fundraising.



Take on the challenge and go for a wax - we dare you!


Xylophone Concert

Grab a cheap xylophone and put on a concert - if you're really good, take requests! (N.B. no, we couldn't think of anything else for X)


YOLO Challenge

Have something you've always wanted to do? Do it , and get people to sponsor you for what will be a once-in-a-lifetime challenge!



Challenge yourself to hang underneath a downward-sloping rope, and soar gracefully over scenic landscapes. Don't forget the sponsorship from others too!