Tree Planting in Bexhill

Trees for Cities is working with East Sussex County Council and Rother District Council to plant new urban trees across Bexhill! Over the next year, we will be planting in parks and on roadside verges around the area as part of our work to green coastal towns and cities.

We are planting trees in parks and green spaces across Bexhill and an additional 225 street trees on grass verges this winter. The new species of trees selected are specially chosen to survive the unique seaside conditions and aim to improve the beauty of Bexhill. We will also be reinstating trees that have been lost over the years.

Planting will take place between October 2022 and January 2023 and there will be an opportunity for local residents to get stuck in and help plant new trees in the town’s open spaces. Watch this space for more details.

Thanks for your feedback!

Trees for Cities' makes sure to involve local residents in our projects to ensure the tree species and planning designs are right for the community.

Our feedback forms closed on Sunday, 9th October 2022. If you're still interested in viewing our planting plans, check them out below.



Bexhill's canopy cover is at 12.8%, which is 2.2% below the 15% minimum cover for coastal places. Our tree planting campaign Forgotten Places: Greening Coastal Towns & Cities aims to increase tree canopy cover in areas like Bexhill, so more people can enjoy the benefits of urban trees.

Urban trees bring many benefits to our towns and cities such as releasing oxygen, keeping the air clean and mitigating the effects already felt by the climate crisis. They create shade, shelter and habitats for wildlife and create beautiful, tranquil spaces for everyone to enjoy.