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At Trees for Cities, we believe in cultivating better business through creating positive change for our partners, our communities and our environment. 

We deliver creative solutions to help you reach your corporate social responsibility objectives and can tailor our packages to suit your individual business needs. Whether you aim to enhance your sustainability strategy, engage consumers and employees through your values or create a lasting green legacy our dedicated corporate partnerships team can work with you to deliver bespoke, rewarding and impactful solutions.   


The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year

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Show your commitment to sustainability with Environmental Offsetting

Environmental offsetting through planting trees is a unique, effective and long-term approach to managing the unavoidable environmental impact of your business activities. Through creating woodlands, which naturally remove greenhouse gases like CO2 from the atmosphere, you can achieve your sustainability objectives and manage your environmental footprint whilst making an investment in holistic green infrastructure. 

Strengthen your brand through Cause Related Marketing and Project Sponsorship

Marketing your business alongside Trees for Cities will help you to engage consumers, achieve corporate social responsibility objectives and strengthen your brand,  all whilst creating a lasting green legacy for the future.  

Boost employee engagement with Outdoor Volunteering Days

Volunteering with Trees for Cities is a great way to motivate your employees and demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to creating positive change for people and the planet.  Our engaging volunteering days give your employees the opportunity to make a difference through planting trees, rejuvenating green spaces and creating Edible Playgrounds. 

Build a sustainable future through Commercial Development Opportunities

Our blend of community engagement and skilled cohort of horticulturalists and landscape designers means we are experts in providing ethical landscape and design services for companies in development, refurbishment and construction. We can coordinate landscaping for your development, or simply take charge of a single element like planting the right trees in the right places. We also have the skills and experience to design and deliver bespoke products and services on behalf of your organisation including wellbeing gardens and urban drainage solutions. 


of global consumers say their attitude towards companies doing business in their community depends on the companies’ social and environmental commitments

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