Boost employee engagement

with Corporate Volunteering Days

Volunteering with Trees for Cities is a great way to motivate your employees and demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to creating positive change for people and the planet. Our engaging volunteering days give your employees the opportunity to make a difference through planting trees, rejuvenating green spaces and creating Edible Playgrounds.

Why volunteer with Trees for Cities?

Volunteering with Trees for Cities will allow your employees to:

  • Spend time engaging with your corporate social responsibility efforts firsthand, developing commitment and loyalty to your organisation
  • Forge positive connections with colleagues and learn new skills in a different context
  • Unwind outside the office for a day - connecting with nature and enhancing their wellbeing
  • Transform urban areas into vibrant green spaces for communities to enjoy

Call us on 020 7840 5950 or email us at corporate@treesforcities.org

Corporate Volunteering - a year in the life

We provide opportunities for all group sizes of volunteers, throughout the year and in locations across UK or internationally.

Volunteering days can be booked as one-off events, or you can choose to commit to a series of days in order to maintain employee engagement throughout the year and see projects through from start to finish.

Check out the types of opportunities we have on offer below.

Tree Planting

October to March is planting season, and the perfect time for your employees to get stuck in with our projects.

Planting trees in urban areas boosts air quality, aesthetics and community wellbeing, so your employees will be creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

Green Conservation

April to September is when we're working to ensure that pockets of publicly accessible green space in cities are well maintained. Your employees can get involved, and help make sure that local communities and biodiversity will benefit from them year round.

Edible Playgrounds

You can help transform inner city school grounds with Trees for Cities, any time of the year!

Volunteering on an Edible Playground will enable you and your teams to spruce up these innovative outdoor classrooms for school kids up and down the country.


of employees who volunteer with their companies report an improved perception of their employer