Marketing and Sponsorship

Strengthen your brand

Through Cause Related Marketing and Project Sponsorship 

Marketing your business alongside Trees for Cities will help you to engage consumers, achieve corporate social responsibility objectives and strengthen your brand,  all whilst creating a lasting green legacy for the future.  

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of global consumers are more likely to trust businesses that support social and environmental issues ​

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Why market your business with Trees for Cities? 

With a new generation of empowered and conscious consumers comes an increasing need for businesses to create additional value for society. Working in partnership with us will: 

  • Allow you to contribute to tangible community projects with real social impact 
  • Help you to build trust and loyalty with consumers through your values  
  • Provide you with powerful and engaging content for marketing campaigns and PR
  •  Help you win business and build strong relationships by differentiating you from your competitors

Call us on 020 7840 5950 or email us at

​Cause Related Marketing

We can help you boost sales and make marketing campaigns successful through linking the planting of trees to your business activities. 

Our Corporate Partnerships team are happy to work alongside you to devise new and creative ways of marketing together. 

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Project Sponsorship

Our unique blend of projects across London, throughout the UK and internationally mean we have a variety of sponsorship opportunities available to meet your business needs.