Payroll Giving

Did you know you can set up a gift to Trees for Cities via your pay? Payroll giving is a very simple and effective way to donate, and is worth up to 45% more to us!

Payroll giving is the most tax-efficient way to donate to charity. Donations through payroll giving are made before income tax is deducted, so you only pay tax on what's left. This means you can donate less and plant more trees! It really is win-win!

To get started, do you know if your employer has a payroll giving scheme set up?

Yes, my employer has a payroll giving scheme already

Great! It's very easy to set your gift up - simply sign up here with our partners, GoodPAYE, to start giving!

No, my employer does not have a payroll giving scheme, or I'm not sure if they do

That's fine! You can still give through our partners, GoodPAYE. To get started, simply visit their website their website.

I am an employer - how do I get started?

Fantastic! You can quickly and easily set up a payroll giving scheme for free through our partners, GoodPAYE. Visit their website to get started.

If you would like more information on the scheme, you can download our payroll giving information leaflet below: