New Trees at Marnham Field (Greenford Road)

Trees for Cities are pleased to be working with Ealing Council to plant new trees at Marnham Field, Greenford Road (UB6 9AS).

Come and Plant a tree with us!

Please join us on Saturday 9th December 2023, 10am - 3pm at Marnham Field (Greenford Road) UB6 9AS, for a free community planting day!

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Please note: we will be in Marnham Field on Greenford Road UB6 9AS, not to be confused with the nearby Park named Marnham Fields.


Thank you to everyone who offered us valuable feedback on the design proposal.

The new trees will create new areas of high value woodland near the roadside and along the existing tree line, complementing the existing mosaic of habitats and adding to the green corridor connecting the Park with Greenford Park cemetery.


Why are we planting here?

This area has been identified by Ealing Council as an ideal location to plant new trees. This will increase tree canopy cover which across the borough is lower than the national average as well as sequester carbon produced by traffic on the nearby main road. The species we have chosen will also provide a habitat for local wildlife.

As Marnham Field is so close to the Brent River, a major drainage artery for the area, the new trees will help to reduce flooding further downstream.

For residents, the benefits of these trees are a reduction in the noise and pollution produced by the main road as well as the chance to watch a beautiful forest grow over the years.

Will the trees take up the whole space?

No, the site is currently a valuable area of meadowland and Trees for Cities and Ealing Council are keen to preserve this so the planting has been kept to the eastern part of the space. The planting design maintains sight lines and open space for the public to use.

Who will look after the trees?

Trees for Cities will work with Ealing Council for one year after planting to make sure the woodland areas establish properly. After this time, it will be left to grow and develop at its own pace. Trees for Cities will regularly work in the woodland with Ealing Council and our other partners so you may see our team from time to time over the next few years carrying out woodland maintenance.

We'll plant trees along the existing tree line at Marnham Field