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Trees don’t just grow in the UK, and we have a global reach to reflect this.

In 2006, the Mayor of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia was inspired by our tree-planting efforts in London, and invited us to establish a Community Fruit Tree Planting project in his city. Since then we’ve planted over 300,000 trees in 17 cities in 10 countries – from Ica in Peru to Nairobi in Kenya and Pokhara in Nepal.


We work with local organisations and community groups to focus our tree planting projects on delivering long-term, practical solutions to green polluted city environments and provide local people with the skills and ability to secure sustainable livelihoods.


Trees planted in East Africa across 2021-2023

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Kenyan tree planting resources

Alongside our Kenyan partners, we have developed educational materials on urban tree planting and organic growing in Kenya.

Whilst aimed at Kenyan schools, community groups and individuals, there is relevant information within the resources that would be useful for anyone who is interested.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about our international programme, email us at info@treesforcities.org