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Climate Change Adapted Playgrounds

Adapting to the changing climate is essential for children that live in cities as they are hit hardest by the warming planet.

Heat stress, flooding, pollution and declining biodiversity can all be addressed through redesigning school playgrounds into havens for wildlife; with trees and shade that protect children from high temperatures created through the heat island effect in cites.

Playgrounds can can be used as outdoor classrooms and local environmental issues, such as flooding, can be addressed through sustainable drainage systems including rain gardens and tree pits. Through our green infrastructure projects with schools and local authorities such as in Lewisham, London and Leicester, we are adapting urban playgrounds to help mitigate the effects of, and adapt to, the changing climate.

Get in touch with us at schools@treesforcities.org for more information.

Learning zone
A Learning Zone we helped create which is a healthy place for pupils to play and learn outdoors.​​