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Trees for Streets



Trees for Streets is the National Street Tree Sponsorship Scheme from Trees for Cities and supported by Start with Local, designed to make sponsoring a new street tree as effortless as possible!

Using the Trees for Streets app, you can check if your council is signed up to the scheme and then simply choose where in your street or a local park you would like a new tree on our interactive map. You can even suggest the type of tree you would like planted! The request is then passed on to your council and they will check that the location is suitable for planting. If confirmed, we will take your donation payment and your tree will be planted during the next planting season.

Street trees offer huge benefits for our own mental and physical wellbeing. They also capture carbon, absorb pollution, create shading and cooling, and just make where we live that much nicer and greener.

The time to act is now. By planting trees, we celebrate something we all love and cherish. Something that brings urban communities together and actively works to promote healthy living, as well as addressing pollution and the stresses of city lifestyles. This project mixes technology and local engagement, which can help amplify the aims of our charity by inspiring and empowering communities to take a leading role in greening their streets. There is the potential to leave a lasting legacy on every street up and down this country.

David Elliott, CEO Trees for Cities

Visit the Trees for Streets website to find out more information about the sponsorship scheme or get in touch for a chat about the scheme on hello@treesforstreets.org.