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One Hull of a Forest

Alderman Cogan School, Hull

The North of the UK is known for its peaceful and breath-taking countryside scenery. A go-to retreat to relax with extraordinary views of wildlife in their ponds, meadows and acres of land. However, their tree coverage is sadly very low in areas like Hull which is why we partnered with the PATT foundation to change this.

The minimum canopy cover target for UK towns and cities is 20% but Hull has a comparably low percentage for a city at 13.2%. In response to this, the PATT foundation launched the campaign ‘One Hull of a Forest’ to transform the woodland area and inspire those in Hull to get involved! Our aim is to make Hull grow green and healthy as a city by increasing the number of trees and reaping the benefits they bring to the local area.

The head teacher of Alderman Cogan primary school was inspired by the campaign and wanted the grounds around the school, which were devoid of trees, to be filled with greenery for the students to enjoy as they grew. This is why we planted a whooping 3,750 trees with helping hands from the Green Task Force. A variety of species, including oak, willow and beech, to encourage diversity amongst the woodland.

As the woodland matures, it would become a huge benefit for those at Alderman Cogan. There will be fresher and healthier air from the vast number of trees planted for the staff and the students. They’ll have shade in the summer and, most importantly for the pupils, they will have a new play area to let loose and have fun!

One tree is all it takes to make a difference but, through this project, Hull will be blooming with an additional 3,750. The trees are a beautiful welcome addition to the city and the school which hopefully can remain for generations to come.

Alderman Cogan’s head teacher, Amanda Devaney, said:

"It’s a massive achievement for the school to be able to leave such a legacy for the children here and have such a massive impact on the community and the environment around."

Alderman Cogan's head teacher

This is the first year that Trees for Cities has partnered with the PATT foundation. However, they have worked together indirectly through HEYWoods at the Ennerdale Cycle Track tree planting project in 2018/19.

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