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28 February 2021 1 minute read

There's something about nature that brings out the poet in us. We'd love to hear you best nature poetry. NB: Deadline has now passed - stay tuned for the winners!

What better way to celebrate World Poetry Day and International Day of Forests on the 21st of March than writing some lovely poetree?

We'd love to hear you best nature and urban trees poems that'll inspire everyone to join #GenerationTree. The winner(s) will be hand-picked by award-winning author Robert Macfarlane and will receive a shiny copy of his book The Lost Words, illustrated by Jackie Morris! We'll also share the best poems on our website and social media.

How to join in

Submit a poem about nature and trees to with the subject line 'Poetree'. Deadline: 14th of March. Please note that everyone's welcome to take part, but we're only able to ship the prizes to UK residents.

You can take inspiration from the categories below, or be as creative as you'd like.

  • Trees as doorways to the imagination
  • Trees as silent sentinels or guardians
  • Trees as Timekeepers
  • Trees as part of urban life

In need of a bit of inspiration? Our content volunteer Gurnam Bubber has written an amazing poem for us. Without further ado...

London tree

In the twilight

Stands the sentinel

Rising from the concrete land.

Leafy miracle

Twisting sculpture.

Blossoms springing forth

Waves of green unfolding

Gold red riot of a painting.

In the city doorway

stands the guardian.

Watcher of years,

Dreaming of Shakespeare and sailing ships,

Lost forests and whispered rustlings,

Gnarled bark of time.

Air clogged, roots bound,

The stage is set.

On the barren crossroads

Fertile our protector.

Bastion of life

Abundant bounty

Fruits and nuts and berries overflow.

Inky boughs hold moon and sun and stars

Matter calling to matter.

A living abode

A sheltering landscape

Holding strong, holding firm

A verdant hope

The air in our lungs

Magical earth sky dancer

Join in! Send your poems to with the subject headline 'Poetree'. Good luck!

Big thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery for the support.

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