Tree snaps: weekly photo challenge

16 June 2020 2 minute read

We love this photo of Moorlands Park, captured by Jess (@jessdavid4Moorlands)

Take part in our photography challenge! Every week we’ll release a new nature photo prompt to encourage everyone to rediscover their local urban trees and green spaces.

We often walk straight past beautiful trees, flowers and wildlife in our busy day-to-day lives, but if we stop and contemplate them just for a second, they can offer doorways to the imagination and make us feel more in tune with the natural world. 

Scientists have long said that spending time in nature can do wonders for our happiness and wellbeing. In fact, researchers are arguing that two hours in nature a week could join “five a day” of fruit and veg and 150 minutes of exercise a week as official health advice. Don’t forget to get your daily dosage of vitamin nature!

The Happy Man Tree in Hackney, captured by Geraldine Creaven @CreavenGer (Twitter)
From @Bri_Ght_Flame: One Of My Favourite Oaks In Berkshire

Whether you’re a pro photographer or an amateur, have a camera or a mobile phone, we’d love to see your tree and nature snaps! We’ll be sharing our favourite ones, so keep your eyes peeled. Together, we can create a library of nature photographs that will inspire and brighten up both our lives and timelines! 

How it works:

  • Every Tuesday we’ll post a photo prompt on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Take a camera or your phone with you outside and try to capture the theme of the photo prompt
  • Post the photo on social media and tag us @treesforcities, as well as our hashtag #TFCsnaps 
  • We’ll share our favourite photos on social media, as well as on this web page which will be updated every Monday. Don’t forget to check in and see whether your photo has been selected!
  • If you prefer, you could send the photo to our email with the subject line: “Tree snaps”

By looking at nature through a lens, we hope you will discover lots of hidden gems and look at green spaces in a different light. There’s so much going on, especially now in the summer months! So what are you waiting for? Join in - and get your friends and family involved too. Happy snapping!

From @abimolasses: horse chestnut shading the toddler play area
Captured by Mel in Guernsey @mel.kite (Instagram)
Trees surrounding St. Mary's Parish Church, Hampton, Middx. Captured by John Jonhston (@beartomcat)

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