6 March 2023 2 minute read

Trees Breathe Life is a new campaign from Trees for Cities promoting the transformational impact trees bring to us all, and how they can 'Breathe New Life' into urban communities.

Pause. Breathe. Picture yourself outdoors, underneath a tree.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

For 80% of the UK population living in towns and cities, trees create green spaces which improve the quality of our urban environments. They give us a sense of belonging, wellbeing, calmness and a vital connection to nature.

Yet, in many of our coastal towns and cities, these environments are threatened like never before. Against a 15% canopy cover national target for coastal areas, some are now as low as just 4%!

Without trees, our physical and mental health suffers. We breathe dirty air, watch our towns and cities flood, struggle with rising temperatures and see our urban biodiversity depleting.

It’s time for change.

Trees can be a catalyst for this change.

Trees breathe new life into our towns and cities. They create healthier, happier environments. They unify communities and inspire positive action for the disengaged.

They can create new green jobs and skills and regenerate health and wealth for today and tomorrow.

We want our coastal towns to experience this transformational power. Planting just one tree starts a positive ripple effect through a community that spans generations… Our aim is to plant thousands.

At Trees for Cities, we believe urban trees are for everyone. We are committed to improving lives in towns and cities by reaching a minimum of 20% canopy coverage in urban areas across the UK and 15% in coastal areas.

Isn’t it time for trees to breathe new life into the places which need it most? Isn't it time to breathe new life into your area?

Donate to Trees for Cities and together we can help cities grow into greener, cleaner and healthier places for people to live and work worldwide.