Urban Tree Festival

3 May 2024 0 minute read

An urban tree with pink blossoms next to a park bench, with Urban Tree Festival logo

Trees for Cities is proud to support Urban Tree Festival 2024, running from 11th - 19th May to celebrate and promote urban trees!

The festival will celebrate our urban trees through art, literature, theatre, online talks, webinars, workshops, tree walks, music, well-being and children’s activities. Events are taking place in London and beyond, both in person and online.

Trees for Cities Events

Below are our events running in connection with Urban Tree Festival.

Tree ID Walk at Kennington Park

On the 15th of May, join in learning the art of tree identification and pick up some hints and tips to help you develop your skills. Led by Mary Ball, Community Engagement Coordinator. No tree identification experience required!

Designing and Planting for Air Quality and Flood Resilience Webinar

On the 16th of May, we'll discuss some of our latest work, focusing on projects which look at retrofitting green infrastructure (including trees!) into school playgrounds and roadsides.

Senior Design Manager, Grace Walker, will share insights about designing Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) for school playgrounds, to help manage surface water and increase flood resilience, whilst creating playful spaces.

Senior Partnerships & Development Coordinator, Susannah Littlewood, and Senior Landscape Design Coordinator, Alfie Davies, will speak about exploring opportunities for roadside planting in Tower Hamlets to reduce people's exposure to poor air quality, and how these interventions can be designed to create attractive urban spaces.

Forum: Fantastic Elms & Other Amazing Trees

On the 18th of May, Trees for Cities CEO, Kate Sheldon, joins a panel in Brighton for an afternoon of talks and discussion followed by an afternoon social.

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