World Poetry Day 2024

21 March 2024 2 minute read

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Green-leafed mature tree in a forest

March 21st is World Poetry Day and we're excited to share some incredible poetry from the top entries of our poetry competition!

We put out a call for tree and nature-inspired poems and had so many wonderful entries. Here we present the chosen poems (a tough decision) but we just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who shared their poems as part of the competition.

  • Winner: Robert Shore for 'City of Trees'
  • Runner-up: Patrick Brady for 'Family Tree'
  • Honourable mention: Alison Manning for 'Green Leaves'

Congratulations to all three entrants! Check out their poems below...


Runner-up: Family Tree by Patrick Anthony Brady

On sunny days I’d sit in your shade and reminisce lest memories fade.
For many years you’ve been my friend, far away from field and glen.
We placed our stake, foundations strong, in a family home where we’d both belong.
In this city life where the sapling grew, my first born son, a dream come true.

This breath of life spurred you on, you grew up fast, your branches strong.
A climbing frame for my son to play, a big brother to him each and every day.
To conquer your height, nothing less would do, like Milo’s calf you grew and grew.
You taught him well for he grew strong, a fine example when his brother came along.

Climbing for him was not his thing, he held a different interest in the Garden King.
It was nature’s friends you brought our way that inspired curiosity in a child at play.
A spiders web, a garden snail, or a blackbird’s song with evening’s vail.
A lesson to him in every branch, inspired by you with every glance.

Yet the one who blessed your rhythmic dance with mystical chimes and beautiful romance.
Pale skin, blue eyes, my red haired love, instilled in her the grace of a dove.
With Celtic charm our love belongs, you ward off spirits with Rowan’s song.
Protected by you, a family complete, we spend the night in peaceful sleep.

The night is long before the dawn, my favourite time, the world is gone.
I watch the moon alone with you, your leaves light up with a glimmering hue.
Another day, another season, another year, you give me reason.
To look at the Earth from nature’s perspective, encourage the world to be more protective.

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Green leaves on a tree

Honourable Mention

Green Leaves by Alison Manning

The leaves have come, unfurled and green,
Springing to life on all the trees
That few weeks since were bare and grey,
Till bursting forth from peeping buds
The green leaves came.

They do this loyally each spring.
We should not doubt that they will come
Or grieve the winter barrenness
And yet so much is different
In this last year.

But they have sprung from hopeful buds,
Goldfinches dart amongst the fronds
And cheep and cheer and flit and fly.
So we can too, in seasons safe,
Renew our hope.

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