World Poetry Day and International Day of Forests

13 March 2023 1 minute read

March 21st marks both World Poetry Day and International Day of Forests, so what better way to celebrate than with some 'poetree'!? The wonderful poem below was submitted by Stephanie Jacob on her connection with Ash trees.

Ash Trees

young ash trees
love the wind
slightest currents
set little leaves

strong winds
bend their crowns
they flex semi-circling
soft sounds

in the small wood
I looked up
this morning
saw the young ash crowns
bending sighing

and above them
a cheerful wind
plump clouds
across the blue

it was like staring
down into the sea
its green weeds streamed
below its pale creatures
and its deeps

I sank in
for an uncounted time
I wasn’t standing
in a restless
London park

but in a vast
unpeopled place
and returning

and though I hadn’t known
I needed comforting
gently they rocked me
the young
ash tree crowns

By Stephanie Jacob


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