Tree cities of the world

We're proud to be part of the Tree Cities of the World programme, connecting cities around the world to create a network dedicated to sharing how we all manage urban trees and forests to make our cities greener and more robust. 

Trees for Cities' Chief Executive David Elliott and Arbor Day Foundation's Dan Lambe

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) along with the Arbor Day Foundation today unveiled their Tree Cities of the World programme in the United Kingdom, an initiative to recognise cities and towns across all continents that meet core standards for the care and planning of urban trees and forests. Trees for Cities is leading the initiative to recruit and support cities throughout the UK to apply for designation. 

To achieve recognition, cities must meet the programme’s five core standards: establish responsibility, set the rules, know what you have, allocate the resources and celebrate achievements. 

Birmingham City Council, Bradford City Council, and the London Boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Camden and Ealing have all been honoured with Tree Cities of the World recognition this year. Congratulations!

“We are excited to kick off the Tree Cities of the World programme in the UK,” said Dan Lambe, President, Arbor Day Foundation. “The programme brings private and public partners together, and Trees for Cities’ work with local communities is an example of the collaboration that is already taking place globally.”

The vision of the Tree Cities of the World programme is to connect cities around the world in a new network dedicated to sharing and adopting the most successful approaches to managing urban trees and forests. Recognition through the Tree Cities of the World programme represents the first step toward achieving a green vision for the qualifying communities.

“We are proud to join the Arbor Day Foundation and FAO in launching this new programme in the UK,” said David Elliott, Chief Executive at Trees for Cities. “Planting trees is our core mission. We have brought together partners from across the sector to form a new UK task force that will support Councils and communities to be recognised as Tree Cities of the World.  We believe that this initiative will provide a robust platform through which we can better plant, protect and celebrate our tree heritage.”

Trees provide multiple benefits to a community when properly planted and maintained. They help to improve visual appeal, offer shade, remove air pollutants and provide wildlife habitat, among many other benefits.

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